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Discovers the benefits of an produced video spot by AllMedia

TV promotion is one of the oldest methods of carrying out an advertising campaign.  These TV video spots have a significant impact on consumers and can quickly turn them into brand customers.  Of course, there are many other benefits of a TV campaign, largely influenced by the quality of the marketing agency’s audio/video production services.

Discover how an advertising campaign on TV national can help your business

From our media agency experience we can tell you that many of our customers are asking us why they should consider a TV promotion campaign. Of course, because we live in a digital age, media planning services focus mainly on online promotion campaigns.  However, when choosing the services of a full service agency such as AllMedia, you will find that the best approach for your business is to use several types of promotions, including TV promotion and TV spots on top national TV channels.

What are the advantages for a TV promotion campaign?

When it comes to  broadcasting video spots on TV, the main advantage for any brand is that that  the TV spot will reach several audiences simultaneously. More, even if a TV promotion campaign may need a larger budget, the results are much faster and lasting.  Indeed, the online environment offers the possibility of promoting a video spot through several channels.  But our recommendation based   on the experience of this agency for creating and broadcasting on TV in Bucharest, Ploiesti, but also national, is to use several methods of promotion.  A  TV spot, a radio audio spot, as well as  an online promotion campaign can increase the visibility, but also the sales of a business.

An interesting thing about a  TV promotion campaign is that you can broadcast it during a certain TV show. For example, a toy manufacturer for children can get more benefits if he broadcasts a  TV commercial during animated children’s pictures broadcast on Saturday morning.  Or an alcoholic beverage producer can attract the attention of a specific audience if it distributes a  TV commercial during a football match.  The possibilities are endless and those options that best fit both your business and long-term expectations can be chosen.

Because everyone watching TV knows it is expensive to distribute  an advertisement on national TV, they will be more open to watching and listening to your business.  Moreover , TV promotion offers a certain level of professionalism and style, which increases the chances of turning potential buyers into buyers.

Of course price of a TV advertising spot, may be higher than a  radio advertising spot.  But this  quotation for TV commercial has a significant advantage: The more a brand invests in  TV promotion, the more it manages to strengthen its credibility.  Thus, a  TV spot is more than sophisticated and ultimately represents a long-term investment that can demonstrate the effectiveness of a product or service for potential buyers.

The price of a TV promotion campaign!

Of course, when it comes to a national TV commercial, we are asked first of all about the price of a TV campaign. And, we can tell you from our experience that the price of a video spot offered by any national TV broadcast agency varies depending on the needs of your brand, but also on the entire creative process required for various factors related to TV advertising, such as the TV commercial, voice over, TV broadcast times and more.

What are the factors influencing a price for TV advertising?

The creation process of the TV video spot

If you are looking for a TV advertising offer, you should consider that more steps are needed.  Specialists within a Ploiesti creative and broadcast agency (and not only) can make price estimates TV campaign according to your expectations.

This is added to the cost of the entire creation process of the video spot for TV. TV spots require an entire team, from video experts to actors.  Thus, a video spot price can be cheaper or more expensive depending on the complexity of the TV promotion campaign. In general, the price of a 10-15-second TV spot is cheaper than a 60-second TV commercial.

The period of day during which the campaign will be broadcast on TV

As is the case with any promotion campaign, a TV video spot depends very much on the period of the day when the TV commercial is broadcast.

Thus, a price for TV broadcasting is set according to the time, but also to the national TV channel that broadcasts the advertising on TV.

In general, the most wanted period is between 19:00 and 22:00, because that is when most users watch series or TV shows.

A national TV broadcast agency, such as All Media, can help you create a TV promotion campaign based on expectations, business, but also target audience for a video spot.

How often should a TV spot be broadcast?

A TV campaign should be broadcast depending on the purpose of your promotion.  Thus, if a brand simply wants to remind its customers about the benefits of a product, it is recommended that both the duration and repetition of the TV spot be moderate.  Instead, if the aim of a TV advertising campaign is to increase brand awareness among potential buyers, the approach will be different.  It is necessary to create a story that can be within about 60 seconds and will make direct use of the personal experiences of those watching the video spot. Play such a TV spot at peak times can also increase the effectiveness of the ad.  However, all this can be done after an initial meeting between you and the media agency we represent.

Need TV advertising?

If you are interested in a price TV campaign, do not hesitate to contact us.  We are a full creative and broadcast service agency in Ploiesti, which means we can take care of everything that is related to a TV campaign and not only.  A price estimate for TV broadcast can only be made after an initial discussion with you so that our team creates the most effective TV promotion project. And, of course, we will try to offer you the most accurate price for TV advertising, along with the most professional TV spot, voiceover and all that is necessary for a TV campaign.

Interested in starting a project with us?

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On which top national televisions can we broadcast TV commercials?

  • ProTV
  • Antena 1
  • Kanal D
  • Antena 3
  • Romania TV
  • DigiSport 1
  • Prima TV
  • National TV
  • Digi 24
  • Pro Cinema
  • Pro 2
  • Antena Stars
  • AXN
  • TVR 1
  • Realitatea TV
  • TVR 2
  • Diva
  • B1TV
  • Happy Channel
  • History
  • Paramount
  • Film Cafe
  • DigiSport 2
  • Disney Junior
  • Boomerang
  • Comedy Central
  • TNT
  • Minimax
  • Cartoon Network
  • Discovery
  • ETNO
  • Eurosport 1
  • Bollywood TV
  • Nickelodeon
  • TLC
  • Disney
  • Pro X
  • Kiss TV
  • National Geographic
  • Nick JR
  • Look Plus
  • National Geographic Wild
  • DigiSport 3
  • Favorit TV
  • TV Paprika
  • Travel Channel
  • Taraf TV
  • Eurosport 2
  • Pro Gold
  • AMC
  • U TV
  • Music Channel
  • ZU TV
  • DigiSport 4
  • AXN White
  • Hit Music
  • AXN Black
  • Telekom Sport 1
  • TVR 3
  • N24 PLUS
  • E! Entertainment
  • Look Sport
  • Nicktoons
  • Nasul TV
  • Animal Planet
  • Telekom Sport 3
  • Magic TV
  • TV Neptun
  • TV H – 31.03.2019
  • VH1
  • Rock TV
  • MTV