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Discover The Reasons Why a Radio Advertising Campaign Is Necessary For Your Brand!

Do you feel that your promotional strategy does not deliver the desired results?  Or are you not sure your media promotion plan is the right one?  We can help you with the best promotion strategies, especially radio promotion.  Moreover, if you don’t plan to make a radio spot, you risk not having all the advantages of an efficient marketing plan.

How is the price of a radio spot set?

The most frequent question that is being asked to us is about the tariffs of a radio spot.  What you need to know is that a radio advertising offer depends on a lot of factors.  The price of a radio spot is influenced by one or more aspects, as disclosed below

The main factors influencing the price of a radio spot

The main factor affecting a price for radio promotion is the number of people who will listen to your ad.  Thus, a radio promotion offer with a spot broadcast in the morning when people are on their way to work will involve a higher cost compared to a radio spot broadcast at night. Furthermore, radio broadcasting is closely related to the city or area covered by the chosen radio station.  A radio spot broadcast in a small town will come at a price for radio promotion much lower than the offer for radio advertising in a big city. Of course, the tariffs of a radio spot also depend on the specificity of the audience of a radio station.  For example, stations with an audience between the ages of 24 and 54 will have higher rates.  This is because this type of audience has the greatest purchasing power and, therefore, many companies want to transmit a radio spot along this path.  A price radio campaign can also be much higher if it is intended to attract a rich audience such as a classical or jazz station.

It is quite likely that the price of a radio spot will vary depending on the events taking place in the city where is being broadcast.  This is because the prices of a radio campaign vary depending on how many other people want to create a radio advertising campaign during that period.  For example, if a local choice or other controversial event occurs, the price of a radio spot increases because the audience is much higher than other situations.

How often should a radio spot be broadcast?

Radio stations shall have their own organization for the distribution of advertising.  In most cases, a certain number of minutes are dedicated to radio spots.  The most demanding time frame for broadcasting a radio campaign is in the morning, followed closely by the one during the evening.

However, any of the following ranges may be chosen for a radio promotion campaign, depending on the radio station at which the radio advertising will be broadcast.

Increased requirement, this range is perceived as the most efficient for  a radio campaign.  Also, a  radio spot rate is higher, depending on how much time is required.

This range, many radio stations lose their audience, but a radio commercial may have the desired results.

This is considered the best time of day for  radio promotion, with  the price of the radio campaign being higher, depending on the type of audience it is addressed to.

As of 19, the number of people listening to a radio station is steadily decreasing.  But depending on the type of radio station and the content it broadcasts, it can be a good time for some companies.  The price of the radio spot can be competitive and the attention of listeners can be captured much more easily.

Radio  night commercials are recommended for businesses that offer services type 24/24. Thus, a  radio spot  reaches those interested in a non-stop service, regardless of its type.

However, you can choose to broadcast the radio campaign during a specific period of the day, or you can enjoy an even distribution of the radio spot throughout the day.  Regardless of your choice, you will have many benefits of a radio spot.

An advertisement on the radio is an effective way of advertising, because the message broadcast is 100% audio.  A radio spot reaches the consumer based on the voice action of the actor or advertiser who interprets the commercial.  Thus, radio promotion becomes cost-effective, easy to track and distribute, but it also brings a greater impact on the listener.  A price for radio advertising is much lower than for other forms of promotion.

Of course, there are many other reasons why you should use the radio spot as your main advertising campaign, apart from the price of a radio commercial.

Radio has been and is a reliable source of information and is unlikely to disappear in the near future.  In the years 50, it was speculating that the radio would disappear from the media once the TV station appeared.  Over the years, however, radio stations have adapted and even managed to attract a wider audience.
radio spot is received with more attention than a TV commercial. Moreover, many radio stations use social networks and mobile applications to allow listeners quick access to broadcast.  Radio broadcasting is reliable, being a professional method of promoting the products or services provided by your business.

A benefit of using the radio advert is that radio stations have access to certain demographic data.  Moreover, depending on the kind of music promoted, a radio station can help you reach those consumers interested in the field in which your business is active.
However, selecting the right radio station requires some knowledge of both existing customers and target demography.  Therefore  , in order to receive all the benefits of a radio advertising spot, it is recommended that you use the services of a radio  promotion agency.

radio campaign can be much more attractive than a  video spot.  A  radio spot can be serious, funny, or extremely attractive.  The secret is to use sound effects that are suitable to create an image for listeners.  And to do this, you will need the voice talent of an interpreter who will bring the radio spot to life.  What’s more, whether you want the radio spot to attract attention with an interesting melody or a funny voice, the radio announcement is a versatile and creative environment that allows for many approaches.

Radio advertising is cheaper compared to TV advertising. Production costs can be extremely high in the case of a television advertising because they require a large team and large distribution to create the right advertising spot.
Instead, the radio campaign is based on sound and dialog, which requires a much smaller team.  The price of radio advertising has remained accessible over the years and has not experienced a noticeable increase, as was the case with TV advertising.

Return on Investment is a method of measuring the results of an advertising campaign.  Thus, many recent studies have shown that a  radio spot provides a stable ROI and can become an effective tool in increasing a business sales.  Moreover, in just a few days of the presence on the radio of the advertising spot, changes in consumer interest and sales numbers can be observed.  A price for radio promotion will be easily absorbed thanks to the speed with which the return on investment will increase.

So if you want to broadcast a radio spot in an efficient and professional way, this method of promotion is the right solution for you.  At AllMedia you find the best offer of radio advertising, along with a professional team with long experience in creating and broadcasting a radio spot.

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