About us

We Are All In One!

Who we are

We are a promotion agency based in Ploiesti, but we offer many services throughout Romania.  We also have many collaborators from Bucharest and from the country who help us with all our promotion projects.  We can carry out a promotion campaign in Bucharest, a promotion campaign in Ploiesti or national marketing campaigns, depending on the expectations and budget of our clients.

The AllMedia team has experience in providing audio and video production services in Romania, but also in carrying out radio and TV advertising campaigns depending on the brand’s particularities.  Whether you need a voice over for Ploiesti or Bucharest, a full marketing campaign, a radio ad or a TV video spot, we can help you.  And all these services are based on a performance recording studio, a team of marketing campaign specialists, and numerous actors for the most effective voice over or video spots.

Our mission

We help you promote your business in audio/video, national, local and online media.  Advertising campaigns are adapted to their needs and budget and can include audio/video spots, advertising reports and more.  We have contracts and we work with all radio and TV stations in the country, both national, regional and local.  We’re working on both audio and video spot production.  We offer advice to help you achieve the best impact and the ad reaches as many people as possible

What we can do

Whether you want to make your business known to the wider audience through radio-tv or online advertising, street billboards, or you need voice over services for various movies, meditation, we are available with professional services, quality equipment and a team with proven industry experience.

Why choose us?

AllMedia addresses customers across the country by offering a wide range of media types, such as national, local or regional radio, national or local television, outdoor advertising, online advertising, audio-video production, but also voice over services. The recording studio is equipped to meet current standards to ensure excellent quality for both audio and video spots.  The professional equipment and the experienced team ensure the delivery of quality services.  The voices used for both voice over and audio-video spots are professional and recorded in national databases. Because we want to offer all-in-one services, we will work with either your texts or we offer you the possibility to use our copywriting services.  Through these we will write the text of the commercial, regardless of its type, so that the impact on the public will be positive.

Interested in starting a project with us?

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