How much does it cost to promote on national TV?

Did you know that the most common question in our agency is how much TV advertising costs? Well, because we want to help you make the best choice for you, we have created this article in which we discuss the steps taken to set a price for an advertising campaign.  Starting with the original meeting and finishing the ok offered to conduct a  tv campaign, the price of TV advertising depends on all these steps!

Step 1: First meeting with our agency!

Every customer who counts on us and asks us how much advertising costs on tv will get the same answer!  And this is an invitation to a meeting with part of the AllMedia team.  Our aim is to set the right price for the advertising campaign, but also to discover the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Thus, during this meeting we will discuss details such as:

  • Type of advertising campaign: video spot, commercial clip, radio spot, street billboard, OOH’s, street panel and so on
  • area of distribution: advertising in the country, national advertising or local advertising
  • broadcast range: Prime time or not
  • the duration of the advertising campaign, but also the period of its broadcast
  • the audience targeted by an advertising campaign: gender, age media, interests and so on
  • the campaign’s features and the materials needed to create a video spot, audio spot, advertising clip and so on

Also during this meeting, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire with details about your company.  This production survey will also include essential information for our team, such as target, budget and vision for an advertising campaign.

Step 2: Create a script and establish an estimated cost!

Once we have all this information, we will need time to organize it and determine potential production costs.  Thus, our team will establish a script, a document containing details about production, creation and purpose.

This script will tell us the complexity of your project.  We will estimate the price of an advertising campaign based on your wishes, the method of doing the commercial, the location, the method of broadcasting, but also the team we will use.  Generally, whether we make video spots or street commercials, the entire AllMedia team takes part, from the copywriter to the director, actors, crane and other equipment used.

Once we’ve identified all these details with our team, we’ll arrange a second meeting where we’ll send you a bill for an advertising campaign.

Step 3: TV promotion and creative process!

At this point, if you provide us with the ok to estimate the price of TV advertising, our team will start consolidating the initial script.  This means we’ll determine the best approach for an ad clip, guide you in the process of choosing between a voice over or interactive actor video, but we will also offer you suggestions on other types of advertising you can use in the parallel with a tv commercial.

The conclusion

These three steps are the starting point for our collaboration.  They are going through to make a price estimate for the tv campaign. But this quotation can change during the course of your project! So whether you need advertising in your country or local advertising, it’s good to know that a correct price estimate can only be offered after our team sets the first details in collaboration with you.