Everything You Need To Know About The Services Offered By AllMedia!

We are upgrading advertising spots for radio or tv. We help you promote your business through advertising campaigns adapted to your needs. Through our radio spots, for example, you can achieve a great impact, as the public is very wide.  We work with either the text received from you or you we can offer copywriting services.

If you are interested in a price TV campaign, do not hesitate to contact us.  We are a full creative and broadcast service agency in Ploiesti, which means we can take care of everything that is related to a TV campaign and not only.  A price estimate for TV broadcast can only be made after an initial discussion with you so that our team creates the most effective TV promotion project.

On radio audio spots, all you have to do is listen to the demos recorded in your voice bank, choose the voice you like, and we bring your text to life.  Of course, making an audio spot depends on many factors such as your brand values, the purpose of the advertising campaign, and so on you can choose a child’s voice, a male voice, a female voice, or a voice for dubbing a cartoon or animated film.

If you want video spots for both TV promotion and online, you can choose from a wide range of services such as 2D animation, 3D,4K, logo creation and animation, slides, Facebook video presentations, video and audio showreel actor, job announcements, etc. For all spots, the text you use may be yours, or we can provide copywriting services.

Realizăm spoturi publicitare pentru radio sau tv, in funcție de cerințele dvs., dar și de ceea ce ar fi mai adecvat pentru afacerea dvs.

Vă ajutăm să vă promovați afacerea prin campanii publicitare adaptate la nevoile voastre.

Prin spoturile radio create de noi, de exemplu, puteți obține un impact foarte mare, întrucât publicul este foarte larg și inclinat să asculte astfel de promovări.  Lucrăm fie cu textul primit de la d-voastră sau vă putem oferi servicii de copywriting.

Și acest lucru se poate obține doar cu ajutorul unor profesioniști care analizează constant tendințele și noile metode de a atrage publicul. Cu un studio profesional de inregistrări ,echipa noastră poate creea spoturi pentru radio personalizate. In mașină, la serviciu, la joacă – radioul este un mediu de promovare online eficient.

Avantajul de a lucra cu echipa noastră pentru o campanie de publicitate este faptul că vă oferim posibilitatea de a achizitționa spoturi video la diferite stații naționale in funcție de target, audiență, topul televiziunilor etc.

Difuzarea de spoturi publicitare radio sau TV se poate face sub formă de publicitate locală (spre exemplu publicitate Ploiești sau publicitate București), dar și de publicitate în țară. Orice clip publicitar este realizat cu atenție la detalii, dar și la instrucțiunile primite de la dvs. Așa că, o campanie publicitară realizată de echipa noastră este orientată către obținerea de rezultate reale

We work with you to develop the best audio -video production projects based on the strategic direction you want to adopt.  The audio- video commercials we produce can be broadcast in different cities in the case  of audio spots, for radio, all you need to do is listen to the demos recorded in the voice bank, choose the voice you like and we bring your text to life. The most important aspect of an audio-video production in Romania is the audio spot.  That is why we are working closely with actors, experts in audio technologies and experts in advertising trends in the country.  Our data bank offers you the ability to choose a personalized voice over, such as a child voice over, boy voice over, voice on film, masculine voice, feminine voice or subtitle in English. This audio spot is made in close connection with the video spot.  Thus, we can help you with presentation films, adapted Romanian films with voice over on international spots, online promotion video spot, etc.

We can also help you  with online advertising and advertisements on the Internet, which is why we offer you the most effective  online promotion methods, such as:

We want to offer quality services in terms of online promotion, which is why the materials used, but also the ideas proposed by our team, tend to meet the highest standards.

With two decades of experience in broadcasting  television and radio spots, we can help you promote your own business with a complete solution for  radio/TV advertising. Starting with voice recording and finishing with radio advertising script support , we offer complete services and help you choose the best promotion method for your project.  Our commercial production studio addresses every project on the basis of “nothing is impossible”.  That’s why we offer  radio broadcast services, and more, with a great deal of attention to detail and a dose of creativity and originality. Whether you need greeting messages, answering machine, an IVR front voice or simply a personalized voice message, our team can offer you quality voice over.  From our industry experience, we can tell you that a voice over for IVR is more than necessary for businesses.  They can provide essential information outside working hours, but at the same time they can become a real help for those who have a call center.  A professional voice over can help any company organize everyday work.

We can achieve any kind of welcome message based on your needs and requests.  Moreover, we can create messages of public interest or audio for distribution in bus stations, within a company, or on TV.

 Outdoor advertising or  OOH –  out of home advertising is a promotion method that consists of street display of any form:  mesh banner poster board , etc.  AllMedia gives you the choice of the following street commercials:

  • Street commercials are based on street traffic, being created to attract the attention of bystanders through billboards, illuminated from the inside and strategically located in the city’s central areas and beyond.
  • Net type banners or Mesh are used in Romania mainly on centrally positioned buildings with a significant height, being quite large in size, but also easy to observe both close and from far away.
  • The Billboard  or  a simple metallic-frame advertising panel can be positioned on buildings or on an independant structure, and is considered a versatile means of displaying an advertising.  They are among the most affordable billboards in terms of their costs, but they are also a way of placing advertising in almost any location, including on national roads.
  • Advertisements on public transport, e.g. buses, have a higher success rate, as they run constantly around the city and can be seen by pedestrians, drivers and those waiting at the bus station.

For those who are looking for advertising Ploiesti we can offer an advertising campaign distributed on buses.  At present this service is only available in Ploiesti, but for advertising in Bucharest, local advertising or national advertising we can help you with unipoles, outdoor exposure panels at national level, or any other kind of street advertising.  The advantage of collaborating with us for street commercials is that you can choose cities in the country to cover. Our advice is to use a kind of street advertising in the parallel with a radio spot or TV advertising. Thus people will react promptly, remember your commercial and finally generate profit for your business.

Our recording studio allows us to offer you even  dubbing animations or film, our team has extensive experience in this field and offers excellent audio service quality. Voice overdubbing are professional and recorded in national databases.  Also, if you are interested in starting such  an audio project with our agency, you can go to the section of the site that contains some voice demos.

If you are interested in one or more of our services (radio advertising,  radio spot broadcasting ad creation, IVR voices online advertising , etc.), please do not hesitate to contact us for  a radio/TV advertising offer,   an online advertising quote or any other details related to advertising and promotion rates. We can offer you subtitle services (.SRT Files) and  dubbing at an advantageous price, as well as any kind of voice over required for the advertising campaign.  We also use children voice over, little boy  voice over, but also professional voice actors on female or male film.  In our database you can discover the voice type that is right for your project.

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