All about the audio spot

The production of the audio ad in a professional recording studio

Our agency can help you with voice over for IVRs, greeting messages, answering machine or voice for radio and TV advertising, all of these services are available in Romanian, English, Spanish, Italian and French.

In terms of greeting and answering machine, the benefits are great for any business, as consumers will be greeted by a welcoming voice and will receive provided information about contact address, hours of work or any other detail that is significant to your business.

What is an audio spot?

A radio spot is a method of promoting audio recording using a radio station.  It must be unique, memorable and extremely creative to capture audience attention.  A radio promotion offer may be made on a basis the characteristics of a radio spot. Thus, a price for radio broadcasting depends on the audio spot chosen. Depending on the complexity, a radio spot can be made in the form of an announcement, single voice or multi voice.  By the way of the broadcast message, we can have a teaser audio or queue audio spot.  And depending on the form of the commercial, audio spots can be made dedicated to a product or promo spots.

Why is it important (and necessary) to choose a promotional agency to make the radio spot?

Well, the answer to this question is quite simple.  A professional radio spot gives you access to all the tools needed to create the best radio advertising. A promotional agency also has the possibility to offer you the best price for the radio spot, the price of radio promotion being much more affordable than other promotion methods.

The radio advertise always needs a team of professionals to deliver the best performance.  So a media agency, such as AllMedia, can offer you access to quality services, a relevant radio broadcast price, but also a unique, creative and attractive advertising spot.

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