The advantages of working with a full-service advertising agency

A recurring question among those who own a business is whether or not they have to collaborate with an advertising agency in Ploiesti or Bucharest.  The main benefit of such collaboration is that a media agency handles your account from 0. Most feel that the tariffs for radio or TV spaces bought through an agency are higher.  Not at all true.  Most of the time, it is recommended to use several types of promotions for the best results, and the fact that you consume more services from an agency can become even lower, NOT higher

This means you will receive valuable suggestions that will include TV promotion, radio promotion or outdoor promotion.  The TV broadcast can have excellent results when accompanied by outdoor exposure, bus advertising, unipol, backlite, Ledscreen, such as street advertising, street billboard or building advertising.(mesh).  Even if, for example, a price panels in Ploiesti may seem unjustified, in the long run it brings many benefits.  Read more about the advantages of working with an advertising agency and using more promotion channels.


One of the main advantages of working with a full-service advertising agency is the team’s experience.  Rarely a business owner can fully understand all the complex issues of online promotion or traditional promotion, such as TV spot or radio spot.  That is why collaboration with a media agency is more than recommended.


Market studies show that collaboration with an advertising agency in Ploiesti or Bucharest can significantly reduce the costs of promotion.  This is because the best marketing strategies for a brand’s needs are objectively chosen.  An experienced team can make a radio offer or a fair TV spot price without hidden costs.  Thus, in a budget established following an initial consultation, a media agency can include many aspects used in the promotion, such as price for video presentation, commercial, radio spot or outdoor exposure.  Most of the time, a full-service advertising agency will use traditional promotional items as street advertising or building advertising. (mesh)


Another advantage of working with a full-service advertising agency is quickly accessing the best media channels.  Thus, an agency can set the best steps to take and choose the best TV or radio channels to promote a business and in addition you receive free monitoring.  A commercial, a radio spot or a street commercial need an appropriate exposure.  For example, TV broadcasting of an advertising video spot should be made on a target, time, audience or purpose basis.  A full-service agency can choose the best TV channel, along with other key issues in mediabuying.

Our agency is full-service, which means it has the experience and knowledge to create the best promotion plan.  Whether you need a child voice over, female voice over, bus advertising, audio spot, commercial, video spot for social media, outdoor exposure or a radio offer, we can help you!