The secret of radio promotion – the duration of a campaign

An advertising campaign is the best way to attract new customers.  Of course, such a promotional campaign contributes to the brand’s visibility on the market, and is an excellent tool for increasing the sales of products or services.  But not many brands know how to take advantage of these essential tools of an advertising campaign and therefore opt for audio or video production services.

A promotional agency offers the most professional and efficient approach to a project based on an advertising campaign.  But at the same time, this marketing agency has the tools to deliver the best results in the advertising spot creation process.  Depending on the needs of a brand, a radio announcement is the first way to send a message.  And in order to make a radio spot we need to take into account several factors.

Different prices radio advertising

First of all, a project to make a radio spot, whether it is a radio advertising in Bucharest, a radio advertising in Ploiesti or simply a national radio advertising, starts from the setting up of a budget.  A radio media campaign may have a different quote for a radio spot than another advertising offer.  The price of a radio advertising spot is determined according to several factors, such as the content of a radio spot, the duration of the radio advertising campaign, or the time interval for radio spot transmission in Bucharest or any other city in the country.

The duration of a radio promotion campaign is essential

A radio advertising campaign needs a certain period of time to broadcast a radio advertising spot without which it cannot produce optimal results.  A radio announcement must be distributed to a trusted radio station, while audio production services for radio must be professional to attract the attention of listeners quickly.

Anyway, regardless of whether the radio advert is intended to be broadcast as part of a national radio promotion campaign, or simply created for a smaller audience such as a radio promotion spot in Bucharest, the duration of this marketing campaign is more than important.

Specialists in carrying out a radio spot and distributing a radio advertising campaign advise us to choose a radio promotion period of at least three months. In this way, the message of a radio media campaign reaches as many listeners as possible. Of course, there is another advantage that we must mention: a radio promotion campaign of at least three months offers better value for money. The longer the radio advertising campaign, the more the price of a radio spot goes down. Thus, the offer of radio advertising is much more advantageous in terms of the radio spot quotation if the radio announcement is broadcast over several months.