The secret of TV promotion

I want my brand to appear on TV, how to promote my product on TV?

A commercial – video spot can help you in many ways when it comes to TV broadcasting. Whether you need an advertising agency in Ploiesti or Bucharest, our team can help you promote your product with a commercial – video trailer.

Both national and local broadcasting can have a significant visual impact.  This can make your business known and improve the results of other promotional approaches such as block advertising, (mesh) street advertising, bus advertising and street billboard.  Our team creates customized promotional plans based on your needs and expectations.  An outdoor exposure is often also accompanied by a TV spot or radio – voice over radio.

When it comes to how to promote a product on TV, we have a few steps to take to get the best results with a commercial.  For example, in the mediabuying process we focus our efforts to buy audience points by target and the purpose of the product we need to promote.  Thus, for some brands we choose a cascade TV strategy, in which we broadcast every other day a presentation film or video spot-  tv spot. It is also good to know that 50% of the broadcasts goes on prime time and the rest per day time or extra prime time.  Apart from this, the following steps are strictly followed!

#1 Market research

A key aspect of TV broadcasting is customer identification.  If you are not sure what audience is suitable for a commercial, an advertising agency can help you with market research.  It is an essential step regardless of the method of promotion chosen!  Our team uses this for many promotional campaigns, including TV spot, radio spot, block advertising, street advertising, street billboard and presentation film video.

#2 Scope of product sales

Once the target audience has been identified, another important step for TV promotion is the scope of product sales  This simply translates into determining how your product is distributed: regional, local or national.  A  video commercial is versatile and can easily adapt to your needs.  It is therefore necessary to identify the type of broadcasting but also the desired visual impact.  A TV spot price also takes into account this important aspect of TV broadcasting.

#3 Suitable TV channels

A media agency identifies the TV channels that are appropriate for your brand.  This also contributes to setting a fair TV spot price.

#4 Discuss honestly with an advertising agency

The secret of TV promotion is to work with an advertising agency openly.  This can help the media agency to lay the foundations for an appropriate marketing strategy that will be able to achieve the best results with a presentation film or a commercial.  The information provided can also provide a TV promotion offer with a price for a TV spot including voice over, the production of the commercial and all other aspects of mediabuying.(GRP,TRP, etc.)

These are the first steps to take for a commercial.  Cooperation with an advertising agency  is the best approach regardless of your brand’s niche!