What are the steps for producing an audio or video spot?

productie spoturi video

We often get the question: I want a radio and tv spot, online and social media, what should I do?  If you don’t know where to start to have a commercial clip or voice over professional, this article is for you.  A TV broadcast trailer or a radio spot can have a significant visual and audible impact.  But to make your business known, you need a collaboration with an advertising agency.  Having many years of experience as a Bucharest advertising agency and Ploiesti advertising agency, we can guide you to the best steps to take for an advertising spot.  A presentation video/audio price is set only after the steps below are followed

Identifies the purpose of the video/audio spot

A Ploiesti audio spot or a Ploiesti video spot can have many purposes and results.  Whether you want a street billboard, a building advertisement or a video, you need to identify the results you want.  Thus, during an initial discussion with an advertising agency in Ploiesti, you will have to discover what you want to get with a Ploiesti radio or video spot.  This information will also influence the video price of the presentation, but it will also help the advertising agency to identify the best promotional approaches for you.

Understand your target audience

The success of any advertisement or audio spot begins with the identification of the right audience.  A media agency in Bucharest or Ploiesti can advise you in choosing the target audience.  Most of the time, the demographic data of your target audience, such as age, gender or location, is just a small step in public research.  A TV broadcast and audio spot specialist will also try to identify other information such as:

  • What are the most common issues of your target audience?
  • What information really resonates with your audience?
  • What does your audience expect?

Choose the basic message of the commercial

A TV spot or radio spot always uses a strong basic message.  Whether you choose national or local broadcast, the message is essential for the best results of the advertising clip.  For example, a radio offer also includes careful analysis of text used for a professional voice over.  If you choose a child voice over, the commercial message will be built with certain keywords to match both a child voice and your brand image.

Use several promotion methods

An advertising agency in Ploiesti or Bucharest will always propose you to use several promotion methods.  A video presentation can be used in parallel with a radio spot, building advertisement or street billboard.  This type of promotion can improve the results achieved for a TV broadcast and offer the best radio offer or spot TV price.

Work with a media agency

Last but not least, it is always advisable to work with an advertising agency.  In this way, you get the best outdoor exposure, bus exposure, a professional advertising spot, but also a unique voice over.

Our team can help you with a comprehensive promotional service, copywriter, including TV broadcast, Ploiesti radio spot, Ploiesti video commercial and everything related to media buying.