What impact does a mixed marketing campaign with radio or TV exposure have?

marketing campaign  is made up of several components and is often perceived as  a mixed promotion campaign.  This marketing mix encompasses the different ways in which  a media campaign can communicate with potential customers.  And as  promotion campaigns  are extremely important today, it is recommended that an  advertising campaign be broadcast through more promotion channels.
A  mixed promotion campaign offers much more exposure, but also credibility, an essential element for any brand, regardless of the industry it is part of.  Most of the time, brands work with a  promotional agency that can offer both a  fair media campaign and   a versatile advertising campaign.  But the most popular method of promotion is the one that contains an advertising campaign on radio and TV.

How does the integrated advertising campaign work?

A promotional agency is designed to establish a marketing campaign based on the expectations and budget of the client.  A commercial spot may take the form of a video spot, but at the same time it can also be used as a radio advertising spot.  However, the creation of an advertising spot may contain different channels for sending a brand message to potential clients.  And the most popular methods of achieving an integrated marketing campaign remain radio promotion and TV promotion.

#1 Promotion campaign distributed on the Internet and TV for example, a media campaign for an online store can be done by means of online promotion via social media, online partnerships, or videos.  However, after a marketing campaign has achieved satisfactory results, the message will also be broadcast through more powerful channels such as radio, TV and outdoor.  Thus, a single video presentation spot can be used in several ways and easily turned into a radio spot.

#2 The promotion campaign distributed on TV and Radio promotion and TV promotion remain the most powerful tool of a marketing campaign.  This is a classic approach, but market analysis reveals that the results of such a promotion campaign are much better than for other channels of transmission of an advertising spot.

#3 Promotion campaign distributed on TV, radio and via Outdoor Media

An advertising campaign can be so extensive that it will use any available means of promotion.  So, for a new marketing campaign, many brands ask a marketing agency to use both radio and TV campaigns. Moreover, adding an Outdoor Media element, such as an advertising panel, can add value to an advertising campaign.
In a word: A combined marketing campaign is the safest way to draw attention to a brand and increase its credibility.