Why create an outdoor campaign in parallel with a radio/tv campaign?

When choosing a full-service advertising agency you will receive a full promotion.  This means that a radio/TV campaign will be accompanied by an outside exposure by approaches such as building advertising ( mesh), street advertising, print on a bus or billboard in Ploiesti/ Bucharest or the whole country.  However, not all business owners are convinced of the need for such an approach.

Our team recommends such a full promotion campaign because of its advantages.  For example, a Ploiesti video advertising, used in parallel with a Ploiesti audio spot, but Ploiesti billboards also offer the best results.  Such an outdoor exposure has a strong visual impact and makes TV and radio broadcasting perceived in a positive way.  A video price presentation or a radio offer can be much more advantageous if more promotional media are used.  Besides this, you can get other benefits of a radio/TV campaign broadcast in parallel with an outdoor campaign.  Here are some of them!

Larger audience

A TV spot, radio spot and an outside exposure attract a larger audience.  If you use a professional voice over, a suitable commercial clip, a printed bus with your logo to transit the city and a street billboard or a building advertising (mesh), your message will definitely reach more people.  And besides, a radio offer and a TV spot price can be a lot of advantageous when an outdoor campaign is used.  By way of example, a Ploiesti billboard price is much accessible when it is also calculated based on the Ploiesti video spot or a Ploiesti audio spot.

Greater impact

Another benefit of an outdoor media campaign broadcast alongside a radio/TV spot is the impact.  Both the coverage and knowledge of the brand can be extended when a marketing strategy includes two or more promotion channels.  TV advertising will capture the audience’s attention.  And the outside exposure will provide a much better visual impact.  This will make it easier for users to retain brand and message, which will lead to much better results.

Different exposure environments

A commercial, radio spot, TV spot, video presentation, building advertising, bus print, street advertising or street billboard are all good environments for sending a message.  Collaboration with a full-service advertising agency is beneficial to any business because it provides quick access to promotion types.  An advantage of an outdoor campaign conducted in parallel with a radio/TV campaign is that it uses all these promotional media.  And, moreover, it can lead to an efficient budget at no additional cost.  A spot TV price or voice over price is much more affordable within a full-service agency.


Allmedia team offers the best promotional services and uses all available distribution channels.  Our goal is to create a personalized advertising campaign for your brand needs.  Whether you need a Ploiesti/Bucharest radio spot or a street billboard, to wrapp a bus in Ploiesti our team will show you the best approach with a transparent and competitive cost.  An outdoor campaign together with a radio/TV campaign is the best approach!