Why is it worth advertising on TV?

Of course, you may have discovered that a TV advertising offer comes with  a pretty peppered video spot price.  But before you exclude a TV promotion campaign, you should know that there are many reasons why  you should take TV advertising seriously. As we are a national TV broadcast agency, but also a  full service media agency, we shared with you the main advantages a brand can have from  TV spots.

  1. TV spots reach a big audience

Various marketing studies suggest that many users spend quite a lot of time in front of their TV, even though their attention is often directed at mobile devices.  But the TV commercial has a bigger impact and can capture attention whether  the video spot  is 10 or 60 seconds.

  1. A TV promotion campaign with a video spot can be tracked from anywhere

Indeed, Internet access helps us discover and search for a wealth of information.  But when it comes   to a promotional campaign, a TV video spot can add value to the online campaign.  And this is because a TV commercial can be broadcast in places such as waiting rooms in a medical clinic, at the airport, in a bar and so on.  And besides, even if users tend to be more attentive to their gadgets, a well-made TV video spot can be a source of interest almost instantly.

  1. Promotion on TV can be combined with online promotion

As mentioned above, a safe way to increase the visibility of a brand and to get more loyal consumers is to combine a TV spot with  an online video spot.  This approach can increase the credibility of your business and send the message to a mixed audience.  Moreover, studies show that many potential buyers are looking for information online before buying a brand’s products or services.  With a TV and online video spot, a business can provide essential information for viewers.

  1. The TV broadcast of video spots can have more approaches

Of course, we all know those 10-15-second commercials where a miraculous product is presented to us.  However, depending on the type of product or service offered, a TV video spot needs to take some forms.  One advantage of TV promotion is that many approaches, visual effects and content can be used.   An effective TV campaign can send a message in the form of a story or use an added creativity to provide a unique approach.

  1. The offer for TV advertising is not as expensive as you believe

Indeed, if we were to compare with the other advertising campaign approaches , we would notice that  the price of a TV spot is the highest.  However, if you choose the services of a TV spot broadcast agency such as AllMedia, you will have access at a fair price based on your requirements.  Thus, a TV advertising offer can easily fit into your promotional budget with the guidance of a media agency.  And, in addition, broadcasting a video spot brings long-term benefits, because the visual impact is much greater.

If you are interested in a national TV commercial and want  a TV advertising offer, you can contact us right now.  Our team will set up a meeting and will provide you with all the necessary details for the creation of a TV promotion campaign, along with the price information for TV advertising.